UGA Returns

MicroFridge Pickup / Return

University Programs would like to thank you for renting a Microfrige from our company last fall.

Below are the instructions for the return of the unit.

Room Pickup

If you need assistance getting the unit from your room to the truck, there is a $30 charge that will be collected at the time of the pickup.

All Students arranging for room pickup will still have to go to any of the delivery locations at the times in the schedule below.  You will then escort our delivery personnel to your residence so he may retrieve the unit for you.

Drop Off

Students will have to bring the MicroFridge to any of the delivery locations at the times in the schedule below.

If you get lost during our scheduled hours below. To locate us, please call us at 706-461-3925 and we will help you.

Please go to the location closest to your hall. If you cannot be due to schedule conflicts, we will assist you when you come to any of the other locations below.

Please make sure that the units are Clean and Dry when returned.

There will be a $50 late charge for any student that doesn’t either return the unit on time or contact us prior to April 3rd to schedule an earlier time for pickup

5/4Brumby Circle8 – 11 am
Russell Hall Parking lot 
(Near bus stop)
12pm – 3pm
Oglethorpe Parking lot
(Near Dining Hall)
3:30 – 4:30pm
5/5Legion Pool Parking Lot
(Near Dining Hall)
9am – 11am
Payne Hall Parking10am – 11am
Rutherford hall Parking12pm – 1:30 pm
1516 Building2pm – 3pm